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Here are the terms and conditions of dametzdesign.com. You are expected to comprehend and to comply with them every time you use my website.

Approval For Sharing Content

You would have to seek my approval to be able to share any of my content. I don’t allow any copying and pasting of my articles on other websites. You would have to let me know what you intend to share on other websites.

It’s very easy to contact me. You can send me a message anytime. It would be great to hear from you. So please do contact me if you have any intention of sharing my articles with others.

Appropriate Language

My website is intended for all ages. That said, I don’t allow any kind of inappropriate language or behavior on my website. If I can’t please you with what I have to say, you don’t have to stay here any longer.

I’m really passionate about technology design. And as I had mentioned previously, I intend to capture the very essence of it. Technology design has evolved in so many amazing ways that it has inspired more folks to think more creatively. In this day and age, anybody’s creative idea can be the next big time. Anything is really possible nowadays, thanks to technology.

But the one thing that is not possible (and not allowed) here is the use of inappropriate language. I will not allow profanities and other hurtful language here on my website.

Sharing of Information

Each time you go on my website, you are aware that some of your information is shared on my website. You agree to share some information on my website.

These are the terms and conditions of my website, dametzdesign.com. You are to comply with them every time you’re on my website. For questions and inquiries, you can always reach me through my contact form. If you have no questions at the moment, I recommend you read my terms and conditions every now and then. There might be some updates that you need to be aware of.

That’s all for now and thank you.

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