The Endless Cycle Of The Technology Design Process

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tech-design-processA great product is an outcome of a solid technology design process. While it all starts out with an idea, the actual execution is guided by all the steps in the technology design process. There’s just no way anything can be created and developed without a sound technology design process in place.

The Reality Of Product Limitations

Look around and you will see almost all kinds of innovative gadget. All these gadgets were created by a brilliant team that complied to their particular technology design process. Nowadays, it’s easy to be surrounded by state-of-the-art products that never cease to amaze you.

But in spite of how technology has leveled up all the innovative products created today, the reality is that they all have their limitations. The video below says it well:

“Eventually we’ll discover certain limitations to any technology.”

So while you are amazed at how your smart phone can store all your valuable files, the reality is that there’s a limitation. It just cannot do everything.

A Solid Technology Design Process At Work

Knowing that all innovative prodicts have their own limitations is actually good news. While you thought that everything has been invented and there’s just no more room for the next best thing, the technology design process provides you the right path to come up with an amazing product.

Take for example the mobile phone. A few years back, you had thought that calling someone from anywhere was simply revolutionary. In spite of carrying a humongous gadget, you were amazed with the thought of communicating with anybody from anywhere. It was a big deal.

You’d have to admit that the revolutionary onset of the mobile phone era puts in place an amazing technology design process. Years ago through the first mobile phone model, it had addressed a simple need to communicate. Then interestingly after twenty-five years, the mobile phone is still evolving, providing more services and products aside from mere communication. This innovative evolution of the mobile phone clearly defines the most exciting step in the technology design process which is the improvement stage.

It Just Never Ends

The cycle of improving a product through a technology design process never ends. While it’s called iteration in the engineering process, it can well be applied in the technology design process as well.

“Integration is part of an engineering design process. It’s like a cycle … this cycle, we develop a plan for your project, design and build a model, test and evaluate the model, then begin the cycle again by redesigning the model based upon your test results. ”

You can see this never-ending cycle in all the gadgets that you are dependent on nowadays. There’s just no doubt that each time a new product is launched, it’s going to be a more improved version. Thanks to a solid technology design process, a product can always be tested, redesigned, and recreated to become better than the previous one. With the never ending cycle, a more improved product is always just around the corner.

In fact, when applied in the design of online backup software such as Carbonite, says that various iterations of the product in the real world combined with actual customer feedback, has brought about a remarkable improvement in the software’s user interface, features, and functionalities. Furthermore, as the software products overall performance improves, more people get to use the product and provide more feedback, thereby creating an endless cycle of software redesign and updates.

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