The Technology Design Process Of A Bike Coffee Cup Holder

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coffee-cup-holder-design-processWe all know that technology design process is what makes an idea real. But how does it really work? How does a technology design process organize thoughts to come up with an innovative product?

How The Bike Coffer Cup Holder Came About

It all started out as a problem. Let’s take a look at how a bike coffee cup holder came about. A college guy (that bikes around the campus) had a problem. His problem was how to drink coffee while biking. Aside from the safety aspect of biking and drinking coffee at the same time, it was just simply hard to hold on to the coffee cup.

Taking Time Out To Observe

So this challenge led a team to observe the bikers in the campus. They noticed that a lot of the bikers drink while biking around the campus. Whether it was a cup of coffee or a can of soda, there was always a beverage on one hand. Some bikers that attempted to place their coffee cup in their bike basket only to end up spilling the beverage.

Understanding The Problem

After observing how all the bikers were challenged to hold the coffee in one hand and bike at the same time, the team understood the need to come up with an innovative way to hold the coffee or any beverage cup in place.

The Next Step: POV (Point Of View)

The POV identified three components:

  • User. The users were identified as the bikers in the campus.
  • Need. The need was for the campus bikers to have a fast, easy, and zero-spillage way to carry the cups of their chosen beverage while biking.
  • Insights. The up and coming product should be versatile, affordable, and should fit other cups of beverages, aside from coffee.

Coming Up With Prototypes And Testing Them

The POV gave way to the creation of various prototypes. For each prototype, location, mobility, stability, and convenience were all factored in.

All the prototypes were to be tested by the campus bikers.

Gathering Feedback

It was vital for the team to gather feedback from all the campus bikers that had tested the prototypes. All the feedback was used to refine the bike coffee cup holder.

Improving The Product

So the bike coffee cup holder was improved further. First of all, it was designed with some holes at the bottom so it wouldn’t accumulate rain water. So aside from the rain drainage, the bike coffee cup holder had an attachable ring and a removable plastic container. The removable plastic container was designed to accommodate a soda can or cups of beverages. So if the chosen beverage was coffee, all the biker had to do was to take out the plastic container.

While the product is a very simple one, the overall functionality seems to satisfy the needs of the campus bikers. The overall functionality wouldn’t have been in place if it weren’t for an organized technology design process.