The Technology Design Process: A Common Ground

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technology-design-02While the communication process may seem very simple, it’s a fact that more can go wrong than right. A very simple message can have various meanings for the receiver. It’s just not that easy to communicate or relay the exact message. It’s a fact that miscommunication is inevitable.

One of the complexities of working in a team is communication. How to get the right message across is an everyday challenge. Finding a common ground to effectively interact with one another can be very daunting and exhausting.

The good news is that there is a way to overcome communication challenges. Shelley Evenson, an interaction design guru, explains the importance of “visual modeling” to create the common language that can ultimately set the terms of references among team members. There’s just no doubt that models or representations play a vital role in the whole technology design process.

Dealing With A Lot Of Different Context

A challenge Shelley Evenson faces all the time is to get every body on the same boat. In her 25 years of practice, she admits:

“… some challenges around getting people to really agree about what we think we mean together as a team.”

Integrating all the various ideas in the technology design process is, no doubt, a challenging task. But it can be done as long as all the different kinds of people are included in the immersive research.

Establishing A Definite Representation

Creating diagrams and frame works that are relevant to the project are the best ways to facilitate better communication in a design team. They help incorporate the findings from the immersive research.

Bridging the Gap With Models

Models can bring the immersive research and the design concept together through a four-step process. First step is to capture all the relevant and essential features of all the research findings. Secondly step is to to enhance the interpretation process to the design team. Third step is to come up with design decisions by discovering vital regularities and structures. Fourth step is to gather more focused data.

Creating Clear Representations

Clear representations give way to a new form of visual literacy. It is important to find the best way to visualize the data. There are various ways of diagramming data. Below are the following ways:

  • Spider diagram
  • Process flow (linear)
  • Process flow (circular)
  • Venn diagram
  • 2×2 diagram
  • Maps

Creating The Models In The Technology Design Process

Creating the models after each stage in the technology design process can help visualize the whole project. For example, creating a territory map can help identify the things that the whole team needs to work on. This is the first important model after the initial stage in the technology design process.

It is important to note that there will never be a right model. But out of all the models created, there will definitely be some “shared representations” that can create a common ground for every team player that plays a vital role in the technology design process.