Technology Design And Apple

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Apple products have established an important, valuable, and limitless presence in the evolving and exciting world of technology design. Each product of Apple has been carefully designed to make our lives easier. There’s no doubt that Apple products define what a good technology design is.

According to Steve Jobs, design is all about how a product works. This is contrary to the belief that it’s all about the overall look of a product. Given this in depth concept, we can have a glimpse on how Apple applied their unique, simple, and nearly perfect technology design process.

The Apple Vision

A brief look at Apple’s computer products over the years not only shows the passion of a man that wanted to make a difference but reflects his remarkable visionary way of thinking. These Apple products are the outcomes of the vision of Steve Jobs. That vision was to be able to provide computers for everybody. This was a huge vision in the mid 1970s when there were no home computers yet.

With that vision, Steve Jobs slowly applied his own technology design process to come up with amazing computer products that have landed in the hands of consumers all over the world.

How Apple Made It Easy

Over the years, Apple created and developed computers that stood out in design and features. From the Apple II in 1997 to the iPad Air in 2013, Apple literally got the whole world to touch the screen to get everything done. From shopping, working, computing, watching, and communicating; Apple has it all covered in one compact gadget. That’s definitely more than just providing a computer for everybody.

Let’s take a brief look at how Apple evolved to be the kind of computer products that make our lives easy.

The Apple I

In 1975, Apple came up with the Apple I.

“This computer was the first to use keyboard and could be connected to a TV.”

The Apple II

This Apple II was a much better version.

“The new Apple II added color graphics and was a huge improvement.”

The Apple III

This Apple model did not work well with consumers.

“The Apple III was a huge failure because it was badly engineered.”

The Apple Lisa

Lisa was Apple’s answer to the Xerox Alto computer, the first computer with a mouse. This had a Graphical User Interface (GUI).

“Apple’s first attempt to a machine with a GUI was Lisa in 1983, a high-end computer. But it was expensive and didn’t sell.”

The 1984 Macintosh

This was a better and cheaper version of the Lisa. This became popular with folks that wanted to own an easy-to-use computer. It also had great graphics.

The 1987 Mac II

This was the first model that had color graphics.

“By now, the Mac was finally rated as computer graphics professionals.”

The 1989 Mac Portable

This was Apple’s initial attempt in creating portable computers.

“ … but weighing in at almost 15 lbs …”

The 1991 Powerbook 100

This was the first modern laptop ever created. From here on, Apple has been creating computers everybody can use. We have seen the iMac, PowerMac G4, Powerbook G3, iPods, iPads, and iPhones over the years. There’s no doubt that these products have evolved from a technology design process that aims to provide better solutions to our everyday lives.

Seeing how all the Apple products have evolved over the years clearly depicts the technology design process that Apple is uniquely known for.