Privacy Policy

Posted on makes use of cookies to collect data from visitors. The data that’s collected here are only used to evaluate the website’s performance.

Committed To Protect Privacy is committed to protect the privacy of all its visitors. The data that have been collected on this website are all hidden and locked away from the prying eyes of the public. Under no circumstances will any of the data be transmitted to other websites or handed over to individuals. Any kind of data that can compromise the privacy of the visitors of is shielded from the public.

Personal Data

The kind of personal data that’s collected on include email addresses, names, domains, and IP addresses to mention a few. It is worthy to note that the collection of data is not the priority of It just so happens that this website makes use of cookies. These cookies, in turn, make it possible for to gather data from its visitors.

Managing Data Collection

Deleting the cookies is a good way to manage data collection. When the cookies are deleted, the visitor’s identity is represented by the internet service provider. This is not to say that the visitor’s identity can never be revealed. If there is a need to delve into an untoward situation on, it is still possible to trace the actual IP address of the visitor. But should the visitors want to manage their data collection, they can delete the cookies in their browser setting. will always be committed to protect the privacy of their visitors. None of the data of their visitors will ever be published in public or sold to anyone.

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